How To Apply for DXCC with BOTH LoTW and QSL Cards

It used to be that you could apply for your DXCC award using both paper QSL cards and LoTW QSLs via a "hybrid application." Unfortunately, the ARRL stopped supporting these hybrid applications. Now, you either apply for DXCC using ALL LoTW, or ALL paper QSLs. Thus, there is now no way to apply for DXCC using both QSL Cards and LoTW confirmations....

Or is there?

It turns out that because of the way the DXCC system is set up, it is still possible to claim your award using both LoTW and paper cards. The method is just a bit more complicated now, and it isn't clearly documented on the ARRL website (which is why I decided to write a blog post about it).

Here's how it works: When you send in an "Application" for DXCC, you are actually adding the selected QSOs to the DXCC database, which is called your "DXCC Account." Once you have QSLs from at least 100 different countries in the database, you can apply for the actual award certificate.

However, it's possible to send in an "Application" for DXCC without actually applying for an award certificate. What this does is it adds the QSOs you select to the DXCC database, or your "DXCC Account."

This means that you can use two separate applications - one for LoTW, and one for your paper QSLs - to add all your needed QSOs across both systems to your "DXCC Account." Once you have all the QSOs in your "DXCC Account," you can apply for your actual certificate.

I know for sure that this method works, because I used it to apply for my DXCC award with 97 LoTW + 3 paper QSLs.

Say that you have 60 countries confirmed in LoTW, and 40 countries confirmed via normal QSL cards. You want to get a DXCC award using both your LoTW and paper QSLs. Here's what you do:

1. First, send in a DXCC "Application" with your 60 LoTW QSLs. This will add the 60 LoTW QSLs to your "DXCC Account," (the DXCC database) but it won't apply you for an award certificate.

2. After your LoTW Application has been OKed, send in a DXCC Application with your 40 Paper QSL Cards. This will add your other 40 paper QSLs to your "DXCC Account." Now you have 60 LoTW QSLs + 40 paper QSLs = 100 QSLs in your "DXCC Account," which is enough to apply for an award certificate!

3. You can apply for the award certificate at the same time that you send in the second and last application with the paper QSL cards. There should be a place on the application for you to indicate which award certificate you want.

So there you go - now you can apply for DXCC using both LoTW and paper QSL cards! If this article helped you, or if you have questions, leave a note in the comments!

KD2EOM, Tobias


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